About Me

OxyHives Stress Hives ReliefHey, there! My name is Justin Johnson, but most people call me JJ, and I created this blog to help others suffering from stress hives outbreaks.

I have suffered from social anxiety issues most of my life and would break out into hives in extremely stressful situations (or, should I say, my version of a stressful situation).

Talking to a stranger is enough to spike my anxiety and after sustained level of stress, I would begin to break out in hives. This, of course, would create an anxiety snowball effect and would simply make things worse as I knew my face and neck were turning red with bumps and having that uncontrollable itching feeling. Misery!

I tried everything; stress reduction techniques, over-the-counter medications, lotions after outbreaks and it wasn’t until I came across OxyHives that I found relief. I use it before any high stressful social interaction that I know would trigger hives and…

…no hives outbreaks!

This certainly isn’t a cure for social anxiety or stress, but I have found that it does prevent me from having hives outbreaks if taken before a stressful situation or significantly lessens the symptoms if taken after an outbreak begins. The best part is, I always have OxyHives with me since its bottle is small enough to take anywhere.

I hope, no matter the severity or cause of your hives, that you are able to find a solution. I don’t have to tell you how miserable hives are and I wish you the best of luck in your search for a solution.

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