Can Stress Cause Hives?

The development of hives is a common physical reaction to stress with symptoms that include:

  • Welts and/or red colored skin rash
  • Itchiness, but also accompanied by a burning or stinging sensation
  • Can appear anywhere on the body including hands, feet, face, neck, chest or ears
  • Typically accompanied by severe swelling underneath the skin

What Causes Stress Hives?

Stress Hives How to get rid of hivesStress or anxiety hives are caused by chronic stress factors of life. Small daily life stressors, such as being late for work, for example,  may cause stress hives, but a death in the family, financial problems, or even getting married will most likely be factors to which stress hives are caused.

Stress triggers the body’s immune system because the body feels attacked but since there is nothing to actually attack, chemicals such as histamine are released by the body and as a result, hives are formed.

How To Get Rid Of Stress Hives.

Stress Hives how to get rid of hivesTo eliminate stress hives, the best most effective treatment is to remove all stress from your life. Since that is not an absolute possibility, there are some techniques that can be adapted to reduce stress.

Some of the techniques could include deep breathing, massage, meditation, and yoga. Such techniques would help immensely in reducing stress, and as a result, reducing stress-induced hive outbreaks.

Cooling the skin or taking cold baths can also help to reduce the itching. Furthermore, avoiding wearing tight clothing around the area of the hives would help in reducing them, also avoiding sweat can also help tremendously since the sweat would not irritate the skin and cause further itching.

Stress hives are usually not dangerous nor contagious and will fade away within 6 weeks, but an important thing to note here is that stress can make already existing hives even worse.

Here is an article including examples of all-natural home remedies to help alleviate symptoms sooner than 6 weeks. I also wrote a review of OxyHives that gives relief within 10 minutes!

OxyHives how to treat hives